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Inhalte in Englisch anschauen, wie?

Ich möchte Englisch filme 


Derzeit beste Antwort von PatrickG 17 December 2021, 20:18

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Ich möchte Englisch Filme nur 

Ich möchte schauen Englisch Filme nur 

Hey @Herzog Herzog welcome to our community! :sunglasses:
It's a pity that these difficulties have arisen.
With Joyn PLUS+ you have the possibility to watch numerous movies and series also in original version (OV). This means that the content is displayed in the language in which it was produced.
You can see in the player whether a content can also be played in the original version. If the OV function is available for the selected content, the icon is displayed in the form of a speech bubble in the player.
Best regards, Patrick.

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