Error: Timeout_Native_Playertimeout on iOS

I have the same problem for several weeks now. From my iOS device i can open tvseries, etc, but expect live channels (error: timeout native player), I’ve tried the tips given but the issue has  not been resolved. Live channels work on my firetv tho. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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Hallo @Gabriel , first let me welcome you to our Joyn-Community! :slight_smile: We are of course very sad that you are experiencing such problems with the Joyn-App on your iOS-device. :disappointed_relieved:
You wrote that you already tried out some of our tipps like deleting the app and reinstalling it, restarting your device and a router-reset. Have you checked if you also receive the error-code when you use a different network?
For example mobile data instead of Wifi? If that doesn’t change the error-code we would like you to send us the following information, so we can hand the case over to our technicians:

  • name of the device, iOS- and App-version 

  • Are you using Wifi, LAN or mobile data? 

Thank you very much for your assistance. :pray_tone1:
Best regards, 

Hi Kilian, thanks for your feedback, yes, indeed i performed the given instructions as per the manual. And regarding about your question about error-code for wifi and mobile data, yes the same error message does appears. 

i’m using joyn app version 6.12.2 with ios version 14.7.1

i would be happy to provide my device name but via private channel. can you please share the email address to send it?



@Gabriel Thanks for your reply! Of course you can send us the information directly via mail. Just send us the mail to Afterwards we will redirect your case to our technicians. Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:


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