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Memory leak issue

You have a memory leak issue. Reproducible on Windows 11, Chrome 117.0.5938.132. Logged in user with Plus subscription on a trial period.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in as a user with Plus subscription on a trial
  2. Open a tv-show (in my case it’s Hannibal https://www.joyn.de/play/serien/hannibal/2-3-kein-ende)
  3. Watch the show for about 20 minutes
  4. Check the memory consumption by Chrome

Expected result:

Chome shouldn’t consume a lot of memory

Actual result:
The consumption grows slowly, till the browser crash


Derzeit beste Antwort von Kilian 4 October 2023, 13:43

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Hi @Hospease, sorry to hear about the difficulties retrieving "Hannibal". 🙏 Nevertheless, welcome to the Community. We'll look into it with our technicians as soon as possible and get back to you then. Thanks for your advice. 🙂
With kind regards, Lucas

Hey @Hospease, our technicians just got back to us. My colleagues were not able to reproduce the bug you’ve reported. 
Please try deleting the cookies and the cache in your browser. Please also try out a different browser. 
Thank you for your help! 🙏🏻
Best regards, Kilian

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